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Tip: Go wordless! Wordless picture books can be a great resource for kids. They are told entirely through their illustrations — they are books without words, or sometimes just a few words. Grab a few wordless books the next time you're at the library and have fun "reading" different versions of the same story. The language and the conversation will inspire you!

Recommended Reading Lists

Recommended Reading Lists:


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Point, shoot, and write. Most families have access to a digital camera, iPad or camera phone. Snap some photos and then encourage your child to write a silly caption for each photo. Not feeling that ambitious? Cut out some pictures from a magazine or the newspaper and have your child write original captions for those.



Make your own audio book! Most phones and computers have simple recording apps on them which are perfect for making homemade audio books! Have your child make up a story, or reread a favorite loved book. The recordings will be priceless!


Listen up! Audiobooks are a great way to engage readers and can introduce students to books above their reading level. Many libraries have audiobooks available for check out, and an Internet search can turn up several sites, including, that offer free audio books for children.

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