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Extended Essay Resources: Introductory Resources

Find loads of resources and links for the EE


To write an about the subject of Human Rights, you must have a solid understanding of Human Rights theories and principles. The resources below will give you a great place to start as you begin your research. The links have been chosen to provide you with useful background information about human rights theories, theorists, and organizations. Additional research help is always available by contacting the library. 

Useful Websites

Helpful Youtube Videos

This video from Edeos education provides a general overview of Human Rights and the dimensions of Human Rights protected by the UN International Bill of Human Rights. 

This is a short video from It provides a brief history of the evolution of human rights from ancient times to the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A definition and summary of universal human rights is offered.


An online video course

"Allversity is a gathering place for people to learn, teach, and connect using free digital courses and tools. Come join our community in creating a brighter future while enjoying the simple magic of learning." This video-based course is a sequence of 20 short videos that explain the basic concepts, tenets, theories, and defining documents of the study of Human Rights. Videos on several case studies are also included. 

Books in the library


This following journals may be accessed through the school library's database subscriptions. Please visit the library or the library website for more information.