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Grade 6 Humanities - Dystopia: Governments

From the World Book Online

A utopia is an ideal place where the people exist under seemingly perfect conditions. The idea of a utopia is often found in literature, but over the years religious and political factions have attempted to create such living conditions in various communities. Most of these endeavors were unsuccessful, however, and the words utopian and utopianism came to denote visionary reform that tends to be impossibly idealistic.

The word utopia first occurred in scholar Sir Thomas More’s book of the same name in 1516. He combined the Greek words for “not” (ou) and “place” (topos) to create a word meaning “nowhere.” More’s Utopia portrays an imaginary kingdom that is free from all cares, anxieties, and miseries. Everyone lives in a pleasant home surrounded by a garden, and people have plenty of time for leisure. Schools are good, and everyone has enough to eat.

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