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Search Shortcurts

New technology? You are searching for NEW information. The web is good for this. You might want to check news sources and tech websitesfor the latest information. Next you can consult academic databases for more information.

Here are some search terms to try (brainstorm SYNONYMS):

transportation, travel, trade, transport, vehicle, ground, air, rail, highways........
medicine, disease, illness, cure, health, pharmacology, pills, treatment, vaccines..........
weapons, military, defense, guns, war, tanks, conflict.........
"information technology", IT, tech, tech*.........
energy, power, resources, coal, nuclear, solar.........
innovation, research, development, groundbreaking.........
invent* (invention, inventor)
"emerging technology"
Combine terms to get more precise results:
medicine AND "new technology"
medicine AND "latest research"
medicine OR disease AND "new research"
medicine -treatment (to eliminate a term)