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Grade 7 Humanities - Historical Fiction: Home

Tips and Hints

TIPS and HINTS for searching online:

When searching online for information about your time period, make sure you use keywords that will find information about daily life, not just the political history of your time period. Try some of the following keywords:

"daily life"       food       jobs      "home life"      "living conditions"      songs      music     poems      culture      childhood      "impact on life"

Use the keywords in combination with your time period. Your search will look something like this:

"ancient rome" "daily life"

"world war 2" "daily life"

And don't forget to try    sites:kids    to find websites for kids.


US History Jamestown 1600 AD

US History American Revolution & Yellow Fever

Make sure to also look at the colonial life resources in the Jamestown box on this libguide. 

US History - Witch Trials

US History - Slavery

US History - 1920s and 1930s

US Civil Rights 1960s

The Cold War

Medieval England 500-1500 AD

Tudor England 1400-1600 AD

Feudal Japan

Korea in the 1600s

This period in Korean history is also referred to as the Joseon Dynasty (also spelt Choson or Chosun) as well as the Yi Dynasty. Don't confuse it with the Chinese Yi Dynasty.

Sino-Japanese War

World Wars

Native American History

US History - The Immigrant Experience