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Theory of Knowledge: Knowledge

The Nature of Knowledge

TOK is a course about critical thinking and inquiring into the process of knowing, rather than about learning a specific body of knowledge. The TOK course examines how we know what we claim to know. It does this by analyzing knowledge claims and explore knowledge questions A knowledge claim is the assertion that “I/we know X” or “I/we know how to Y”, or a statement about knowledge; a knowledge question is an open question about knowledge. There is a distinction between shared knowledge and personal knowledge that is important to TOK.

How do you know? 

Knowledge Questions are questions about knowledge, that may take this form

  • What counts as evidence for _________________?
  • What makes a good explanation in ________________?
  • How do we judge which is the best model of _________________?
  • How can we be sure of ____________________?
  • What does _________________ mean in the real world? 
  • How do we know whether it is right to __________________?

Research Databases


Books in the Library