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Grade 7 Humanities - Civil Disobedience: Berlin Wall

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Berlin Wall was built in 1961 to divide the two parts of the city of Berlin—Communist East Berlin and non-Communist West Berlin. Berlin lay deep in Communist East Germany, but the Western allies of West Germany controlled West Berlin. East Germany, backed by the Soviet Union, built the Berlin Wall to prevent East Germans from emigrating to the West. In 1989, widespread demands for more freedom took place in East Germany. In response, the East German government ended its restrictions on emigration and travel to the West by its citizens. The East Germans opened the wall in November and soon began to tear it down. In October 1990, East and West Germany were united into the single non-Communist country of Germany. Berlin was reunited into a single city. By 1992, nearly all the Berlin Wall had been removed. Several sections remain standing as memorials, but most of it was broken up for use in roadbeds and other construction projects. Parts of the wall were sold to museums and private individuals.

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