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Grade 7 Humanities - Civil Disobedience: Tiananmen Square

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Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 were a series of student-led demonstrations that took place primarily in Beijing, China. The protests, which were triggered by the death of the popular liberal reformer Hu Yaobang, began in April 1989. The protesters called for political and economic reform. At the height of the protests, around a million people assembled in Tiananmen Square, a large public area near Beijing's historic Forbidden City. The protests revealed deep factions within China's leadership. In the end, the conservative faction won the support of paramount leader Deng Xiaoping. The protests ended in a violent military crackdown in June, which is sometimes known as the June 4 Incident. The protests and the military response were widely televised. Many people throughout the world expressed support and sympathy for the protesters.

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